I had developed this site mainly as a medium of communication with current and potential students. Now that I am not working as a university professor any longer but still get inquiries from students I will continue to keep it in its current form for some time. Links to some of my work can be found on the publications page. I  also included the virtual places I find useful and inspiring to visit but I am not updating those very regularly.

I continued with graduate supervision and committee work attending to the defences through Skype after relocating to Turkey and all my responsibilities ended in December 2103 when Matt Davies has defended his thesis successfully.

Biographic info;

In 1987 I left a sociology MA in Turkey (at METU) in order to study anthropology in Norway. All my graduate training in social anthropology is from University of Oslo, Norway. Prior to joining the  University of Victoria Anthropology Department in July 2004 I held a tenure track position at the University of Lethbridge, Alberta. I have a research experience from Turkey, Norway, Azerbaijan and Moldova. My doctoral work was on the Gagauz nation-building and place-making project. One of my latest projects were on the flow of sexual and domestic labour from the former Soviet Union, with a special focus on Moldova and Turkey.

I moved to Ankara in June 2012. I have worked at Tepav (Turkish Economic Policy Research Foundation) from August 2012 to November 2013. Until late 2014 I worked on short projects, chose assignments that allowed me to visit parts of Turkey that I did not have chance to see earlier mainly on gender related projects. I occasionally gave guest lectures. Currently (2016)I am based in Ankara Policy Center and act as an advisor and working as a senior researcher within a EU 7th. Framework Project “Security and democracy in the neighbourhood: the case of the Caucasus. Socio-economic sciences and Humanities”: Intra-and Inter-Societal Sources of Instability in the Caucasus and EU Opportunities to Respond.